Profile Picture Requests?



Hello, friends.
Obviously, if you've clicked on this topic, you're either really bored and want to scroll through some random stuffs, or you actually would like a new profile picture. If you are here on Occasion 2, I am flattered! Lets get down to business.
silently adds "To defeat the Huns"
Sorry for my nerdiness! You'll be getting a lot of that.
Anyway, if you tequest a profile picture from me, you'd also be getting a kawaii animal to use as an OC, if you wish. I suppose it would also be fine to request for only the OC.
There are three components that come into my mind when I draw these: the concept, the color, and the animal. All three will have to be related.
Example: Tranquility the Bear (my profile pic)
Tranquility started as a concept, one that had a similar meaning to my username, and one that I thought described me. I then looked up an animal that represented Tranquility—a bear. So Tranquility is now a bear, but she is a colorless bear. So I looked for colors symbolizing Tranquility, and I found blue. Voila!
If you would like to do the research yourself, you can do so and request with the results of your search. If you do not feel like researching, you may request with either the concept, or animal and I will do the research.
Thank you for taking the time to read my long, flawed, and oddly worded essay. Have a nice day, and if you came to request, now would be the time!


Hi! Can I have a request?


Sure, @EmeraldKittyCat !
Just follow the instructions! You can do research or just tell me one of the three.


Um, so I don't really know what to reasearch so can you do it? What would be the animal for the word Emerald? When (or if) you find it please tell me. And then I can tell you what I want. @Serenity


I'm just gonna do this one more time.


Are you there?


Well, Emerald would probably be something green, but I was looking more for concepts, like Innocence or Love or Rage or something similar. But let me do some research on Emerald! I'll edit this post and @ you when I find something.
Edit: @EmeraldKittyCat
I did some research, and here's what I came up with: Emerald the Owl. Emerald as a gemstone symbolizes nature and its wisdom, and owls are generally considered very wise. Of course, Emerald will be green, because green is also a color closely associated with nature and wisdom.
And as for changing, I should be ashamed of myself if I had to make you change your choice.
Should I draw it?


Ok! Thanks! I really didn't know what it meant. :grin:


If you can't find anything can you use the word green? Or do I have to pick something else?


@Serenity, you liked, are you done?


Um, I like owls.... But I can't draw them. :grin: Um, what should I search. I'll look up the green so you don't have too. Then I'll choose from there.


...I was going to draw it for you, but if you want to do it yourself, that's okay too.


I know that! But I also wanted to make it an OC too. So I have to be able to draw it.



Are you still there?


How about I draw the first one, then send it to you do you can color it digitally (if you have the means), since my lighting is bad anyway, or study it and draw it in your own style? If you decide to color it digitally, that should help with your learning to draw it.


Ok! Thanks so much! I shall give you a like!


Deer fren, I cannot be expected to reply immediately. I type a lot, research takes a long time, and I'm eating marshmallows.


Serenity! I remember you! You did me a request on Hop.:wink:

I looked SO kawaii~


@Serenity, I'm just wondering, why are you gone on Hopscotch?


@EmeraldKittyCat , I'm gone because I use Hopscotch on a school iPad, and that was taken away for the summer. I'll be back in August/September, and there's more information on my HS account.

@StarryDream , thanks for remembering me! I remember that request!

Back to your request, EmeraldKittyCat, I finished it. It's colored on the paper, but you can import it into digital and re-color it. I hope you like Emerald the Owl!


OhMyGosh!!!!! It's so cute! I die now.
comes back to life
I will use that as an OC.
And if you check my background on my profile you will see an awesome thing!