Profile picture problem!



OK so I was recently trying to change my pfp and I click choose image or whatever it says and it won’t load and bring me to prime photos any ideas?
Quick fiy I have a kindle


Sometimes photos don’t work.


But they use to and its making me sooooo mad imma power of my tablet and close this tab to see if it helps


Hmm, weird. Do you have another device to try this on?


Well my computer and my school iPad but I would feel guilty to type in hopscotch forum on school iPad…


Or my brothers tablet doubt he would ever lemme get on though…


Some pictures just don’t load on the forum. You have to go through a bit of a tedious trial and error with this! Trust me, I’ve been there…


Oh okie thanks!!!:grin: maybe once I charge and refresh my iPad it might work?


Nope it still won’t :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph: I WANT TO DESTROY SOMETHING! breathes I just have to steal my bros tablet


Imma able to change my pfp on my school iPad!


If you are allowed and can visit the forum using it, maybe try? I am actually typing this reply on my computer, so it works fine, of course.


Oh I use my old account @ducks12 for that i can’t log out on that one since I forgot we password


That is sad. I don´t know what to do then. But if you want to keep being logged in to that old account, I just have one tip: don´t clear your browser cookies. That isn´t related to how to change your profile picture, but if you do remove the browser cookies, you will get logged out of your account @ducks12.

Maybe you could try using another browser on your computer like Firefox or Opera? If you visit the forum from a different browser, there are a chance that you can log in to your new account on your computer but still keep being logged in to your old one in a different browser. I am not completely sure that this works though.


True also on my computer I can log out though since it remembers @ducks12 password.


Cool! I’ve learned a cool trick to see the saved password, if you want to do that. It just takes like a minute to do and it doesn’t destroy anything. Are you using Chrome as your browser?


We rn I’m on my dads apple phone but on my kindle it appears as silk browser but it’s google


Well, for that trick, you have to be on the computer that the password was auto-filled in.