Profile Picture Dilemma



So, I noticed that a lot of (or at least a few) forum users have their profile pictures as them. Most of them are a lot older, but do you think this is ok? Why or why not?

  • yes
  • no
  • ??? Idk?



Well, I think is a little risky! Internet safety is important. However, it is their decision. I have nothing against or for this.


I don't believe they should have there face as there profile picture because Internet safety is important. But some are older and know what they are getting into when they do this, so it's their decision but I wouldn't recommend doing it under age of 18 :wink: or any age really


I think it's wrong for the profile picture to be of themselves. This is a kid-friendly place, and sharing a picture of you where anyone can see... :flushed:


Anyone could see it even if they are not on the forum. It is risky. We need to think about cyber safety


You have to be safe on the Internet. Who knows where their pictures could end up!! I recommend for your profile picture, do something you coded, or something you will draw, or pixel art.


SBYP I already made a topic about this:wink:


:arrow_upper_left: What about your pets? I have that on a non-Collab account.


Could you give me a few examples please?

One of them is actually a you tuber. Another is part of the hopscotch forum.


:arrow_upper_left:. We're under 10, and know about Internet Safety. Take a look at our profile picture, it's our pets, not us. I don't think this is okay. Anyone can go onto the forum, even if they don't have an account, and see whatever people with accounts can see. And, anything you post on an electronic device—anyone can see it (including black-hat hackers, the bad kind), and, even if you delete it (yes, it does not fully delete it from the device), it never goes away. People can still hack and find it.


@tankt2016 I'm new to the forum... Just saying....
I do not think that is ok because the internet isn't the safest place, if ya know what I mean.


Yeah, but I think it's okay. I mean, who's gonna want to hack your pet?


I don't think that a hacker could find you based on your pets, but you can never be too careful. @tankt2016


Yeah, because who knows who the owner of the pets is? Except for whoever is behind the username, @FunkyGoldfish. And welcome to the forum!


Thanks! That is probably a safe bet, that no one knows about your pet unless you post stuff on Hopscotch about them @tankt2016


Actually, no hacker knows about your pet (except if you post a picture of it or your profile picture is it) or the owner (actually, all they know about the pet's owner is it belongs to the person who is playing behind the username that posted it).


There has been a topic about this I think it's okay as long as you cover your eyes!


I don't really want to make anyone feel bad!


Good point! :blush: .