Profile Picture Detail Suggestions?



So...for DOS I added purple to my profile pic. Today (HS's b-day) I added confetti and a party hat. Give me suggestions for something to add onto my profile picture and I'll probably use it for a random day. I'll try to do a new one every day, but I'll probably forget.

Thanks! Also, if I remember, I'll say that the suggestion was made by (person) on the day.

(Just saying...Undertale ones will probably be used earlier XD).


Can you give me the image of the dog without the confetti?

It's important XD


I have a Procreate drawing with this imported already, so XD.


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I had an idea to switch the normal sunglasses in the pic with MLG sunglasses XD


I finsihed! It's not as good as I thought it would be tho :l

Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess what I added? XD


I'm totally using that on Monday. Thanks! XD

I'm doing the MLG glasses tomorrow lol


That looks so Temmiful! :D

Tem poud at u!


We just passed by autism awareness day.
Also useless fact that I also have autism.
If you want to you could make a profile picture for next year...