Profile Picture Contest!



I want a new profile pic. I love the one @XiaoMiaoMi made for me, but I like to change every few months.
Everyone accepted will start their art (doesn't matter what kind, text art, drawing, etc) on April 10, and it will be due by the 30th, but you can turn it in earlier.
You may ask any questions that will help you with your entry up until the 10th.


Do you have to draw it?
If yes, am I allowed to look it up?


It doesn't have to be drawn. If you would like to use a reference material, that is fine, but please don't completely copy it. Make it unique and your own.


There's a small chance that my artwork in my classroom will get a picture off, and I'll post it, but only in 2 weeks (school holidays)

And it's off cats... :smile_cat::smiley_cat::cat::scream_cat:


Anyone else want to join?


Me!!! Is it okay if I draw you as a white cat or whatever color you like? I can do colors together if ya want!


Surprise with the drawings!
My favorite colors are: purple, pink, turquoise, or rainbow! (that's a color right? XD)


Ok I think I should use pastels for turquoise. I will color the cat turquoise, I should start drawing soon!


Ooh! I have an idea......