Profile Picture Contest! Plz enter!


Hoi gois! I'm making a contest :P
it's for a new pro pic!


Be noice
Have fun
Don't overreact if u lose
Feel free to give out prizes!

1st Place

A follow by me
A shoutout
10 likes from me
75 likes from @TheGreenBanana
A trail art request from @TheGreenBanana
More prizes coming soon! Plz give out prizes!

2nd place

A follow
30 likes from @TheGreenBanana
Feel free to give out prizes!

3rd Place

5 likes from @TheGreenBanana
Feel free to give out prizes!.

If you want to give out prizes, just tell me!



Btw this is due Next Saturday!


First yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


Here's an idea


How about this? :D


@treefrogstudios @MiiR_legend Maybe a drawing or logo would be nice :3


Okey :stuck_out_tongue:


This makes me feel bad not being in the tag list.



Wait, how did system edit that? And what did he change?


How to add screenshots?!?


@KawaiiRose do you like this???


No, why do you ask??


You didn't even post in this topic XD


Like, you hadn't even posted in this topic when I posted that, and it had nothing to do with you XD


What? That is confuzzle.

Pls xplain


@Paige1212 @treefrogstudios plz stay on topic! I don't want this closed :wink:


Wait, why are you upset? I was just wondering why you asked me..?

What's wrong? What?


@Paige1212 @treefrogstudios plz stay on topic! I don't want this closed :wink:


Pls halp me
Quote this


I'm sorry, I just wanted to figure out why she was upset...?

Topics don't get closed over a couple posts :wink:


You take the screenshot and go to Camera Roll. Then go to that screenshot and press it until a thing saying "Copy" comes up. Click that. Then go back to the forum and paste it in.