Profile picture contest! Great prizes!



So basically, make me a profile pic.

You can draw, make it online or do whatever you want.
There's a twist though... It has to represent me- what do you think I'm like? Happy? Smiley? Do I like kawaii? (Yes I do!)
And so on. This competition will end on the 20th, while the winners will be announced the 22nd.
1st: HS, a drawing request and ID/Passport request, on the forum, a like on some of your topics and shoutout.
2nd: on HS a drawing request, Forum a like on some of your topics and a shoutout.
3rd: on HS a drawing request, and a shoutout on the forum.
So please come and join in!


I would do this but I'm busy drawing something else... Maybe after


Ok, fine. :innocent:
Hate the 20 character min :unamused:


Hey, I can join! Is this on Hopscotch?


Sure. Make it wherever you want. The profile picture is for the forum :wink:


Hello. Would anyone have a go?


Okay, I'm joining. My entry:


Isn't that what you did for my art contest


I would love to do it...Can you please give a description of some of your favorite things


I will do it! Are we allowed to ask you questions on what you like?