Profile Picture Coding Contest!


Ok guys! I decided to have a little challenge. It's a Hopscotch challenge! It's not gonna be a collab! You have to do it on your own! Now, what you have to do, is make your Forum profile picture on Hopscotch! You can make it using trail art, pixel art, sin and cos, a drawing whatever you need. You don't have to make it exactly the same, but it should look like the pic! When you're done. Post the link here! I only need three judges. @KVJ and @PurpleStorybook, wanna be judges with me? It's ok if you're busy. Ok so, this is due 2nd September! Please, join!
Also, feel free to change the title, I don't really like it!


First reply!
Ok I will participate
I will try,
Will there be prizes (there r judges)


Thank you! I hope you have fun!


Yes there will be prizes. I just for got to write them!
EDIT: I didn't forget, I just wanted to wait until I got notified from the judges that they'll have time


Ok, so it goes for most creative, or what?


I guess, there will be 3 winners.
One for most creative
One for most similar
One for most colorful!
I couldn't think of anything else for the third. Could you give me an idea.


Hardest to do? Idk


Maybe, yea! Let's do that!


Can we use old projects?


I changed the title, do you like it? Btw I'll join!


Yeah it works


Check this

Or just this

I still like my original one, (profile pic I am using at the moment)


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Mines already a pixel art I created!