Profile Picture Challenge!



What's up? The sky

So I want to change my profile picture and I need your help because I'm not good at drawing :grimacing:. So here is my form and I hope you can draw it for me!

Just do top half! Make the drawing look mature.

Skin: Tan
Hair: Long, sleek, wavy, medium brown, blond highlight in front (please add shine detail)
Hair Style: In a bun with two strands in front
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black (please add light detail)
Shirt: white off-the-shoulder shirt
Accessories: dark purple glasses, silver dangle earrings, silver necklace

Submissions due May 1st for my one year forum anniversary! Winner announced same day!


Sounds awesome! I can try, if I have time. :D




Sorry about my bad joke


I think ill try and do this, might turn out to look like trash, but ill give it a shot :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay. I'll be here! Tell me when your done!


I am not that good at drawing, but can I try to do it with trail art?


Here is what I have so far :slight_smile:
I just need to add face and jewelry


It's gorgeous! I'm excited!


May I try??? I don't call myself a bad drawer but not an amazing drawer!


Okay! I'll try my best, but I stink at drawing (jk i think myself decent) so it'll be.. decently bad? ;D


What do you use for that? Like what website and or app?




BTW, can u make the highlight a bit smaller? IRL it's not like that


Chibi or kawaii
(Kawaii is very simple chibi is cute but takes a while)


Um.... can you do anime?


Alright. If thats my competition, I'm out. Srry to be a bad sport. :(




It'll be bad...


Okey! I can make it smaller