Profile Picture Challenge! (By tankt2016)



Yes, we are making a profile picture challenge. Just add yourself to the list. Remember to type it in the technique I used, but with different words. And you can add how you feel like with your new profile picture, too.

  1. Find your idol/favorite Hopscotcher.
  2. Hold down your finger on their profile picture.
  3. 4 options should come up. Tap "Save Image".
  4. Go to your profile.
  5. Go to your "Preferences" tab.
  6. Find "Profile Picture".
  7. Change your profile picture to the image you saved.
  8. Keep that profile picture till April 10.

People Doing It, Their Idol, And Their Feelings

@tankt2016: I used @SmileyAlyssa's profile picture. Now, I keep thinking that my posts are by her! And it really changes the tone of your post, too. And I feel like I've hacked @SmileyAlyssa.

@Deadfr: I love @SnowGirl_Studios profile! Every time when I tag myself or go in the forum, it feels like I'm SnowGirl_Studios. Reaction:oh my gosh! How did I become SnowGirl_Studios!? (Looks at preferences) (laugh miserably) XD
(Sry for @ing you so much SnowGirl_Studios!)

@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf: It was really hard to choose who to be but I really wanted to be Magmapop. xD I wonder what will happen :P

@Destined_Taco1: I did @Gilbert189, because he is extremely helpful and kind to the community!

@Purdue19: I'm changing mine to @Anonymous and @Rawrbear's because why not?

@RobotPro : I'm doing @Valgo . He's my idol on hopscotch. :D

@Fun_in_the_Sun: I'm doing @Wookie just cause! :D

Like Donations! NOMINATIONS

I love this idea!


I keep thinking I'm hacked :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll go into a new topic, and some how I've already replied there. Then I freak out, then look at the username, then laugh at myself. Then I repeat the process every time I see that "I" replied.


Yeah, I keep feeling like I hacked you. Every time, I see a reply by me, and think you did it!


Im snow girl studios. •-•


@Deadfr, I took out the @s on some of them. It could get very annoying, why don't you use pronouns?


I'm sry, idk!!!! I just don't wanna.....


I'm MagmaPOP :D


Yea! I wanted to be Magmapop but I chose snow girl studio!


@tankt2016 is the girl the one that likes me or the boy?


Sorry, but I like my Stickmen!


May I change the title?


I'll do @CreationsOfaNoob He's AMAZING and a huge inspiration of mine ;D



Aw thanks! It makes my day that somebody chose me! :smiley:


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Go Stickmen! My plan is to change my profile pic to a different Hopscotcher's every day...


Cool @AwesomeJediE!


Thanks! :smile:


Hello? did somebody tag me?


Yes, we used the Friendly Mass Tag List.