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Hey guys,
I've wanted to know if other people feel the same way about this!
I've always imagined people based on what their profile pic looks like.
For example: @xXBARNSLEYFCXx has a funny meme of a little kid. I know this is totally weird, but I imagine @xXBARNSLEYFCXx as that little kid!
Another example:
This one actually makes sense.
I imagine @SmileyAlyssa as being that friend that is always smiling.
I have one of those friends. Her name is jumpingpeanutbutter on Hopscotch, but she doesn't have a forum account.


Same :sweat_smile:


Ya... What do you think I would be like? Come on guess


Oh by the way, not to be rude or anything, but anyone who sees this, please go check jumpingpeanutbutter out. She is really nice. She might not be the best coder in the world, but neither am I. I think she would really like the attention, but mostly all the projects we post are for our school Tech class.


I think you would be like this jittery but happy person all the time. You also seem like the who is welcoming and a softy for small animals. (Hence the Fluffy)


Do you imagine me as a dog or something? XD


Yes!!! I totally do!


30% right. 50% sorta. 20% wrong.


What about me?? >_< :sunny:


Funny, cheery, smiley, dolphiny


Exactly what I thought! :scream:


Lol that's funny because I am on a swim team. I totally agree that I could possibly be Dolphiny!


I imagine @MagmaPOP as that serious, advanced, older coder in the Hopscotch Community because of hid teenage B&W profile picture.

And I always imagine @SmileyAlyssa as that happy, social, smiley girl who is always positive!

And I always think @CreativeCoder is a coding dog with sunglasses!

What do you think about us?


So is that just a thing now? I'm da codin' dog with sunglasses? XD


Hmmmmmm.... That's a hard one, but you are always posting about your cat/cats(I don't really know, sorry!)
I imagine you guys as the people who love people(socialites) tell me if I'm completely wrong please!


Yeah, we are really social(ish), and we wuv cute kitties!


Yep. Your profile picture really defines you!



Hey before any of you try to define me......
I have never had a goldfish or any other pets. I just have this weird thing for goldfish and I decided Funky was the best adjective!


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