Profile Pic Suggestions!



Hold up; this is related to hopscotch!


You know when you look at your profile picture and your like, "ugh, that is so old." And you really need that fresh look?


You can say that you want a new PP (profile pic) or reply to one suggesting what they should use!

RULES (must be followed)

  • No saying stuff that is not suggestions or questions please

  • Only nice and appropriate suggestions (or anything)

  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


Well I want a new profile! Something colourful, maybe manga or anime!

Need a new, epic profile pic? Come here!
Need A Profile Picture? :0

Hey @Rainboom how does this one look

Just an idea you don't have to choose it


That's so cool, thanks!!
Yeh sorry but not my profile picture..... But I like it!


It's all goods maybe another time if you want you can use it


STUFFITY STUFFS (you know what this is... XD)



Sure! I'll save it to my photos


Want this one Rainboom?
I drew it. Sorry for the blurriness, I had to crop it.


Love this topic but,mi noticed people Been making me put my pic back that I had I meen someone was creeped out by the cabbage so I changed it but the pink sheep one someone strongly Encouraged me to change I like my pic so next time unless your creeped out my a cabbadge​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please don't make me change my pic!

You can leave suggestions here though but I am not %100 garunteed that I will use it!


You could make a profile pic as your logo. I'm good at making those.


I've had my profile picture for like seven months.

*quietly crawls out of topic*


That's fine it's only if you say that you want a new PP then they'll give suggestions!


I tried XD


Can someone try making me a new pic?


OMGOMGOMGOMG I love it!!!!!!!! I'm gonna use it!!!!!


Wait @Rainboom, how about these:

Although I like @UndertaleTacoz suggestion....


Woah the last one is totally awesome!! Not now for my PP but I'll save it for later!!


Lemme see..........


Cool....glad u like it!!!


What drawing style do u like?


(Anime, chibi, magma, etc...)