Profile Pic Requests or Art


I'm wanting to start profile pic requests or just art requests
To get one just tell me a few things you like, your favourite colours and if you want to any photos of things you want me to draw

I prefer to draw in cartoonish, and I can only do certain colours
Some examples

Sorry if it takes a little while to do and @Sweetlina can help as well, she can do humans​:blush:

Happy 2018 Everybody WinningMonkey's General Topic

Anyone or do I bring is tag list​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Can you surprise me?

Should I help you?

I love to draw

And I will take human art request.


Ok you can help

Do you want me to do one for you?? As a surprise

If so what do you like kinda??


I like






Also edit it in so it says that I help too


Can you do mine? Its ButtonGirl.


I'll get started in a bit​:blush:

I also added you to the top part


Do you want me to do one for you too

If so what do you like??


I like cats, Jem and the Hollograms, art,books, YouTube, gay stuff. Unicorns.

Could you do this?


Yup I'll get started in a bit as well as sweetlinas


I can only do humans






That's the one you did for me :smile::smile:

The contest has not ended yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha yup

Now it's an a example


Yaaahhhh lol



Here @Sweetlina

I hope you like it


Here @shamrockcat

I hope you like it


If you want to change anything just say and I'll try to change it as best as I can



Anyone Else Want A Drawing or Profile Pic