Profile Pic Requests? Done by LP!



So, I've drawn a couple of profile pics, and I thought I'd do more!
If you want one:
Digital or Paper?
Any words?
Just so you know, I will sign my name :wink:
They will all be done within 2 hours to 2 days!


Red, guitar. Extras for surprise!



Username: UptownStudios
Words: Uptown Studios
City Skyline
Surprise me with the rest of it!


I've never been so happy clicking stuff in the new tab :smile:


Paper please
Description:Black hair with brown eyes!
Username: FruityMilkshake!
And can you put copy right sign to it so no one else copy's?©


Digital please!
I want it to be blue with a bunch of Smiley Faces everywhere!
Ya the words SMILE WIDE!
My user name is SmileyAlyssa​:blush:


TO: @Curved_Guitar @SmileyAlyssa
I decided that I'll color the drawings digitally, because I'm having trouble with digital drawing :cold_sweat:
Hope that's okay with you guys!!


That's all good!


Digital or Paper? Surprise me (just make sure it in color)
Description: light brown hair, pale skin, hazel (mostly brown with tint of green) eyes, rainbow or purple clothes (maybe with cats), purple glasses
Any words? Glitter Kitty (optional if no room)
Username:Glitter Kitty


Surprise me with everything! XD


I would like one please
Digital or Paper? Digital
Description: you choose
Any words? You choose
Username: RubyWolf


Dwaw mah avatar on msp pweese




Digital or Paper: Digitalll
Description: Draw me please! I have a little past my shoulder wavy blonde hair. I would like to be wearing a pastel blue/pastel pink/light grey sweatshirt that has wolf ears on it. I have green/blue eyes, and tan skin. Slight freckles on my cheeks, only VERY LITTLE though.
Any words: nope
Username: Malie (I'm Malie on hopscotch too)

[BTW I'm like your biggest fan:sweat_smile::laughing: I stalked your every project before you were "hopscotch famous". I changed my username like 7 times, so you probably don't recognize me. But I have had this username since December and am keeping it.]


Okay so could you @LotsaPizza draw me a profile pic? Okay so it's on a digital app. A girl with a panda hat and long black hair in low pigtails. She's wearing a light pink and brown shirt that says I LOVE POCKY. And pet panda with a strawberry POCKY that it's eating.


I love pocky too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


If you want one:

Digital or Paper? Paper

Description: a cat, the tail is all digitally ( As in please make the tail look a little see through and add binary or code stocks with the little circles at the end ( I make no sense )) please add code stick things in the background to :3

Any words? Add one small meow please :3

Username: RobotPro
Please :3


Doing digitals first!


That's great @LotsaPizza! When will you do mine it's been five days since I requested don't rush though I was just asking. I never got any requests


Wow thanks! I luv it!