Profile Pic request!


Hai!! So many people have been wondering..what should they use for their forumprofile pic. Well,you can ask here!
Credits to everyone who did this before me and @FoodDelivery

How is this related to Hopscotch

Well,it's related to the forum! People need profile pics right? If you think I should recycle this,reply with a good explanation I can code the profile pic too! Non-codable profile pic is form A and B while Codable profile pic is Form 1 and 2
Form A and B
Form A
Do you want your profile pic to be a human?(if yes,procced to Form B,if no continue):
Normal pic or gif or meme?:
What do you want the profile pic to be?:
Form B
Face shape:
Eye collie and more details of the eye:
Skin tone:
Nose shape:
Mouth shape:
Clothes color:
Hair color:

Form 1&2
Just give me the description:

-Hero Dino


I can make my own but I want to see what you will make of me


Wot? What do you want? Codable or not? Pls fill in the form! Thicks! Also,you got first reply!


Ty! Plz do it by next week! :DDD


Pokemon sun and moon!!!!


Do you want the character to blink? (So it's like a gif)


Sure!! Tysm!


Okay! Here's a like <3


But this is using a different website.


No dont, worry i was just explaining how this was different to every other topic


Would you like to fill out the form? @Rainboom


Thanks Foody!


No problem :wink:


Apology accepted.
We're still good,right?


Of course! I'm really sorry, I didn't sound very nice D:

I was really feeling uptight at the time. I didn't even notice that the amazing you had made it ;n;

I feel really bad :(


That's okay . Humans make mistakes. We just have to learn from it.


I know. I'm going to delete my posts because they sound terrible D:


Its okay. I didn't "befriend" you or something lol