Profile pic PLZ vote


Vote on which should be my profile pic?
I will show pictures below
This is private

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I think you should use the first one!


Who drew the first one?


Whoever did was real good


Yeah, but they clearly spent a lot of time on it... I think they'd appreciate some sort of credit?
Ehh, maybe that's just me.

But at least, who did draw it? I'd like to know.


Idk who drew the first one

Wait OMG senapi XiaoMiaoMi is here


Leonardo Divinci?


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Come on—
Where'd you get the image, at least?? You have to had saved it from somewhere.


The internet
I searched up anime girl brown hair and that's what came up
Sry I don't know exactly


I like the first one!


"The internet" is hardly a source.
Did you just not look at the website you saved it from or anything?

Do you know who drew the second one, then?


I found the first one here drawn by a Pinterest user. I can't see the details, because I don't have the Pinterest app, though. @emojisRUs @XiaoMiaoMi

The second one has many copies, and I can't find the original artist...


Wow, thank you very much!
I'll check out the artist.





do the first one because it reminded me of mutsumi and hiyori at the same time