Profile Pic Help!



oOkay, so I have noticed some people have moving profile pics. I want to code one, but I don't know how to add it as my profile pic! Could someone put a screenshot below of how to? BTW I need I deal for what I should do for my profile pic(a moving one)


What do you want your profile pic to be? First :stuck_out_tongue:


A mermaid with moving music notes coming out from the middle!



Let me look into that brb


Hi, you add it the same way and it will be a GIF. But you need to get the image first :))


What's a GIF??? And I want it to be moving...


It is moving image :yum:


A gif is a moving picture

Or 'Graphic interchange format"


Yup, that is right. I agree with mini


OK. How will it be a pic though, if it is moving?? Sorry about all the questions


If it's in your camera roll it will look like an image but once you upload it will look like a moving photo.


Okey dokes thx for help is there a website I can use!?


Check out this website

If u like