Profile pic contestXD



i need a new profile pic!
so im doing a contest XDXDXDXDXDXD
this contest ends at july 22
it needs to be digital drawing
involved with black raven or white pigeon
back ground colour will be indigo, blue, purple, something like my profile pic right now

1st place

a follow from me and @Maltese and @SuperGirl3Acer and @Roller_Blade
a request on paper
a request on hopscotch
liking 20 of ur projects
using the profile pic

2nd place

a follow from me and @SuperGirl3Acer and @Roller_Blade
a request on paper
liking 10 of ur projects

3rd place

a follow from me
liking 10 of ur projects

good luck !XD

this is da first time im using the tag list

tag list



Wow, cool contest! :000

I'll draw something for you if I have time! :3
Although it will be terrible as usual ;-;


can i write that if u win first and second place they will get a follow from u guz?


YAS! Totally! ;u;


and how do u do the arrow thing if u press a bunch of other things will show up?
usually used to hide the mass tag list


Here's how you do it! :3

Hi! ;D

I put a < hi > in there so it wouldn't work. :3


I'll enter! Do you want black raven or white pigeon because I cannot decide. Also what is your favorite color? @ColourfulBlack


Wait can someone get a like from me
If they win 1 place


Cool! I shall do it!:grinning::smirk:lol


Cool! :D

I'll enter :3


K I'm doing this


I'm Entering

And No One Can Stop Me :smirk::smirk:


Do we have to like make it on HS?


Did it work


Quote to see the code


Here's Mine @ColourfulBlack

Please Tell Me If You Want Anything Changed


Ok, I think I'm done. I made it on HS. Hope you <3 it!


Okay. What do you like?

Cats? Night? Rainbow Pastel Kawaii Stuff?


These are the moments when you wish your technology wasn't so old so you could draw digitally. ;-;
I can't enter, but good luck finding a profile pic!


Oops I forgot the most important thing ;-;

You need to include a name in the first detail! Like this! :0