Profile pic. Contest!



hi guys I need a profile pic! I don't like using pictures from the internet! I will pick two tops people then you guys can vote! After nineteen entries I will post the poll and we'll see who wins.

I don't care what you use just try!


I am working on one now. :smile:


Maybe you might want to give us information about what you like and stuff


Your username is @Blue_Ocean. How about this one I drew in February? (I drew a better one, but I forgot to take a good screenshot.)


Done! Here you go @Blue_Ocean! :smile:


whoa! that's great! thanks for entering!


aww that's so cute thanks! great job!


Thanks! :D


@IAMBETTERTHANUALL hmmm I love orcas and dolphins, my favourite color is mint green and... I love HS


Okay ppl! I forgot to mention this! After 19 enters I will shut down and post the to top pictures in a poll, then you guys vote. I will allow the makers to vote on theirs.


Can I enter?

Pweese I have 100% trust


Sure! I'm not to picky.