Profile Pic Competetion



I am in desperate need of a profile pic! I am holding a contest to have a new one! I love Kawai and pastels. Wishing everyone good luck in advanced!
Not in list, but: @SmilingSnowflakes

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Wait, let me bookmark this...


I'm terrible with both of those, although they are my favs! If I get spare time I might!


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Joining! Going to draw one now.


Coded or drawn? I can both :D


Whatever you want to do!...And please @SmilingSnowflakes can you enter! BTW the prize is: a custom game


Ok! Thanks, I'm on it :D


I am not a fan of strawberries, thanks thoug


I'm re doing it, what do you like? I think that would be helpful besides colors and style :slight_smile:


Do you like cats?!?!?


I like animals, but I like coding too


What kinds of animals???


No, No cats at all!!!




I love dogs!!!!! they are my fav`


Do you like this dog?


Most of the time!!!YEAh


How about dis(uploading in 1-3 minutes


Okay. Rainbow Kawaii Girl!