Profile information?


Hi there! So recently I’ve been seeing people add information to their profiles like how old they are, links to their other social media accounts and stuff.

So today my question is, how do I also post information about myself on the forum?

Thx for the help you all give me and I would appreciate some more help! :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, @Espresso.Machine this topic is not a duplicate, so approve it. :slight_smile:


Here is an example of @PartTimeFemale 's profile. I just wanted to know how she wrote her name and how long she had been on Hopscotch and stuff…



Click on your profile picture

Then click on the cog

You can change your bio on profile and save it when you press save


I’m confused on your question.


Look at the pic I uploaded.

The way PTF did her profile with all her details and stuff, thats what I want to do.


Oh! So you go to ur profile and for to preferences then you click the profile part. And type stuff in the first box that you want others to know.


K thank you very much, @AmiiboTrash and @Kayro for your help!


You can follow this tutorial as well:

However, make sure that you follow the “communication outside the forum” rule. It is explained and discussed in topics like this one:


Yeah do what AmiiboTrash said


I did it. It worked. I thanked him/her. ^♡^