Professional Professions Professor Center


In this topic, you will:
- Be extremely professional. Answer questions.
- Teach professional things.
- Talk in a professional way.

Here are some professional people:
- @Intellection74
- @BuildASnowman
- @Liza
- @Mathgirl
- @t1_hopscotch
- @Kiwicute2016

These people are people who talk very professionally.

You can share professional projects here.

Teach professional things here!
Like forum tricks!
Use a > before a sentence to do this!

Have an awesome, I mean, a stupendous, time here!


Isn't this kind of like talk to a hopscotcher?


Isn't this basically the purpose of the forum? You can probably just make a topic for it. I mean, I get that it's a bit more formal, but it's basically just a chatroom. Can you explain more?


In a professional way, I suppose.
I was just extremely bored so I created this. :D


Okay, you can unlist this.
I am defeated. :D


You could always just recycle this! But I could close if you'd like. :D


Hello, @Gilbert189?
You can unlist this! :D
Also I really love your profile picture! I've been staring at it for so long. I can imagine it saying "hip, hip."
Also, I really thought your old title was cute. The hip hip thing. :D