Processing School of Hopscotch




I will like to start a school of the programming language Processing (Inspired by @Intellection74's Python School Of Hopscotch)! I will be teaching the fundamentals of the amazing language Processing! I'll try to post a lesson every week or so, and when we can all be on, so make sure you have time for this!


There are going to be homework projects, but nothing too much if you have paid attention to the lesson. I do not want this to be time consuming and you can tell me if you have no time. It won't be some sort of quiz but rather a project. I want this to be project based and not grade based. Although I am going to be giving marks out of 100, along with feedback, this will not affect anything, It's just some feedback :D

I will not be doing anything different no matter the mark that you get. It's just for you to see how well you did!


Lessons will probably take place on the forum, and we can hopefully get a time where everyone is on. We will have lessons every week or so, and they will be interactive with you and me. Also say carrot in your form, anywhere (even with <>). This is so I know you read this.

I will be accepting only 4 students. This make everything easier :D
Here is the form for joining:

Why do you want to take part in this class?
Will you try your hardest and participate in all activities?
Are you able to access a computer and install Processing?
Will you be able to access a computer with chrome?
What computer do you have?
What time zone do you live in?

That's it!
Anyway, processing is an programming language for electronic art and music (sorta). It's a REALLY cool language to learn!


I don't think would be allowed :confused:


You don't have to show your face, only screen...

EDIT: actually... we'll just do it on the forum :D


I realised there is audio D:


I wish I had time to learn "Processing"
I'm currently using 4 different programs for coding games and my brain can't handle cramming in another coding language.