Problems with Hopscotch



If you have a problem with Hopscotch please write it here and if anyone knows a way to solve it hopefully they will be kind enough to help you!

  1. People are mean
  2. Peoples are bullied
  3. It looks like the side game
  4. More


When you remix one of your old websites and update it and spend so much time with it, when you go to the publish screen you hit the wrong button (the black screen!) then ALL of your updates are lost and it doesn't even save as a draft!
Plus, people bully a lot, I agree with @PercyJackson9


I forgot to say if you are anwsering someones question please put the question at the top.



  1. Some mean people!

  2. Bullying!


Ahh, I do this sometimes too.
A tip: try to always 'save as draft' before starting to edit​:wink:


Why can you only do a certain amount of posts on your first day?




By the way how do you get someone elses post onto your post?


Select and tap quote reply:


Becuase they don't trust you yet!


Why can't you edit your posts forever?


It sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anyonying beacause my little sister always click on reply before I am finished


If you make something with lots of code in it, when you play it, it can crash so that you lose your work. Also, people keep quitting because they think they aren't popular.