Problems with drafts

I’m trying to make the comic thing, and I had made the title screen, and it didn’t save. I didn’t do a lot so it doesn’t bother me much but I made sure it wasn’t in my drafts, and it was nowhere. Nada.
But every time I clicked a draft and then exited, it took me out of the app? It just broke.
I then made another draft and added something, and it didn’t save.
Can someone help with this??

[i tested it again and now only some drafts are doing this?? not a super big problem but uh]


That is very weird. I hope that you didn’t lose too much of your progress!

Just to make sure I understand your problem right, is the following what’s not working for you:

  • If you create a new draft, it doesn’t show up in your drafts.
  • If you try to open an old, saved draft, the app crashes.

I also have two questions:

  1. Does the Hopscotch community load as expected (if you try to navigate and play projects)?
  2. Is your iPhone or iPad storage full or close to full? (you can check it by opening the Settings app and navigating to General and clicking on the option saying iPhone or iPad storage.

I didn’t lose much! I’ve also had this happen before, it might but be your average glitch.
It shows up, but then if I reload the app it doesn’t. Although I tested it a couple times and one did.
And yes, that happens.

Yes it shows up for the most part
No, I have like 90 gb left still

Also I think I may have found my problem, my internet is having trouble connecting, I think everything is having a hard time loading-


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