Problems and solutions on Hopscotch and the Forum



All of you have realized that most of the Hopscotchers either:
Mostly Draw
Mostly Remix
Mostly play “RP”s
I think this is a big problem in Hopscotch because it floods the newest with things that are not code. I used to see a lot more coding when I started. This is not a topic for complaining about this. This is a topic about getting things done.
Solution for Drawing:
Drawing on Hopscotch is a problem. I know a lot of you do it. You have a community that loves you, and easy to use art pads. Okay, I get it. But, could you please just draw on your art pad? Because this should hopefully reduce the amount of Artists who don’t know how to code artpads.

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Remixing on Hopscotch:
This is another problem on Hopscotch. Remixes are okay (in my opinion) if they:

  1. Change the code of the game to make it better
  2. Show a high score
  3. If a very good coder remixes it so people see it
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RPs on Hopscotch:
This is a big problem on Hopscotch. People start chatting and playing “Role Play” games, which clog the app. You see these everywhere. A solution is: everyone who wants to play, plays it on the Forum. The Forum is a better place to clog up than Hopscotch.

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How to reinforce these rules:
Have a team of Hopscotchers or THT suspending and deleting all people and project s that day on the follow these rules.

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Thanks for reading this.
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Hopscotch, before being a coding app, is a creativity app, so rps and art I think are fine. Some people are just artists, and that is fine because it is still creativity. For rps and chatting, not everyone can get the forum. I agree on useless remixes though. However, I don’t think that a place of creativity should have too many rules, which would mean that THT shouldn’t just suspend people for…being creative.


I beg to differ. Hopscotch is a coding app. In the App Store it’s a coding app, and if Hopscotch is a creativity app, why is this a Coding Forum? Also, what is so creative about Roll Playing? And if you really wanted to draw, make comics Andrea post them on Webtoons!


I was on tynker today and it was crap as. I hated it
Hopscotch is better, but at least there are some people coding and we can notice those people. Just turn a blind eye to the annoying people, I don’t think it’s that hard is it…?


I also used Tynker… for ten seconds. Then I deleted it. I didn’t like the layout and I agree that Hopscotch is better. But still, I’m sick of Hopscotch being clogged by all of the people that just make remixes and RPs and drawings. Coders went from the Majority to the Minority and have stayed there ever since! The problem is that now if you are a drawer you get more likes on a Drawing than a coder gets on a good project!


You’re making up the story as you go.

Anyways, I just looked at HS on the App Store, and, in part, BAS said, "…you have the freedom to create anything, which is amazing."
Also, another part written by THT says, “Whether games, art, stories, or more,…”


They are referring to games. And it takes no creativity to make a story! It takes creativity, skill, patience, and intelligence to make even a decent game!


Pretty true, but if you think about it, a lot of people wouldn’t like a game until they actually click on it and play it. You may think that isn’t hard, but polls have been done that show how little people actually play projects. However, with art, you can just see it from the thumbnail.


Exactly! Games are good, artwork is bad.


Okay, so…I want you to write me a story about another dimension without using any creativity.


i have to disagree with you there, as someone who roleplays quite frequently (not on hopscotch, shush) i can tell you that lots of creativity is involved-


Hm? I never said that. The only component of artwork is the thumbnail, but you have to play a game to admire it. So, if people clicked on games more often, that might solve some of the problem. We obviously can’t force every person to play every game, but there are certain things that draw people to a game such as a creative title and good thumbnail.


That’s the problem. All of the coders will look at a game, but everyone else judges the thumbnail.





What the heck did I just say? Please excuse me.


There are way too many projects to sift through them all
26 million to be exact, it’s just insanely crazy

I just had an idea, what if the “newest” section was sorted into 3 bits:

Newest Remixed Projects (all art goes here b/c it’s remixed)
Newest Projects with less than 100 lines of code
New Projects with 100+ lines of code

Idk, but I guess that’s why we have follows
So then we can see some good apps


that doesn’t mean they aren’t creative, like…have you ever tried to write a story?
it takes some skill


They aren’t exactly from the books though. People take the world that has already been opened by the original author and expand it. That’s how a lot of writers get started: they read and start to add to the plots they’ve read.

Actually, I don’t play too many games. I don’t usually even play games on featured.


Some people do make their own art pads


That is true, but it would sift out the majority of the art drawn by others