Problem with publishing

Bug when publishing

Hi there! Today I was published a project and when I published it, it got stuck and wouldn’t publish. I tried saving the project while it was publishing and it saved. The project published, but everything in it was gone. Thankfully, the project did save in my drafts.

What I Did to Find This

I can’t figure out how to reproduce
  1. Make a project
  2. Publish the project
  3. While it is publishing, press save and exit


  1. This may have to do with the canvas size being 2000 * 2000
  2. The second attempt at publishing can be found here:
  3. I have great WiFi and the bug occurred on my IPHONE 8.
  4. I am on IOS 13
    EDIT: Fixed some incorrect data

The canvas only seems to be 2000 x 2000

It could be because of lag because I can’t hit save and exit after hitting publish




Is it the same/similar issue as this?

Just seems to be worded in such a way that it is, although I’m not fully sure what you mean @tehgreatdoge


This seems like a weird bug… I don’t have any idea how to solve it.
I would email THT and provide the details of your project. They can open it up and look through everything to see what is wrong with it.

As the canvas size is 2000x2000, I assume you modified it via your computer or via @Awesome_E’s Siri shortcut? Can you long press the project, make a duplicate of it, and reset the canvas/stage size of the duplicate? Or does your project rely on 2000x2000 as the stage size?


What is all this about all my years of hopscotching has never done that and it still has not :woman_shrugging:t3:

Ok I will try with different stage size


It is sorta like that, but the draft saved and the project published. The bug comes into play when I found the published version was empty.


Is the draft empty?

Could you get the uuid of the draft?

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No the draft was fine, it was the version that published that got messed up.

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