Problem with pixel art. (Fixed)


So I'm starting my first pixel art, and I seem to have a problem. The edges of the thing I am trying to draw are jagged.

Notice how the edge is going down in a diagonal line? What do I do?


I think you need to repeat the 2nd like one more time, and the 3rd one 2 more times.


I test that out! :slight_smile:


COol! If it doesn't work, just let me know :smiley:


Well, it kinda worked. Now the edges aren't jagged, but now they're smooth, but crooked. I feel like if it stays crooked like this, then it will make a big impact in the end.

Notice how the right side kinda bends off?


WHat do you mean by it being "crooked"? May I see the code for it?


The right edge kind of bends off to the right. It's hard to tell in the picture, but it does.




Sure! Hold on...


They all look like they should line up in a vertical, straight line. I don't understand why it's crooked... maybe ask someone who is more experienced in pixel art? (I've never coded one before, but I plan to code one soon.)


Why don't you screenshot?
It might make it easier for us to see


Hi yes hello

Why am i tkgged Xd


@Zachyswag needs help with his pixel art, and I figured that you would know what to do because you are pixel art sensei xD


Nvm! I fixed it! Thanks for the help though!


What was the problem?

Was it because the objects weren't lined up exactly?


That's great! I just started following you, so I'm looking forward to seeing some your projects!


:smiley: Thank you so much!!! :smiley:


Maybe a link/ and or screenshots?


I fixed it!


Could you screenshot? Also we can see a reflection, which only your phone is blocking your face, which is a little dangerous