Problem with notifications



So in my notifications, it keeps showing me the same things like how someone commented. It's also not showing when someone likes my comment or replies to me, is this only me or is it happening to someone else? Also, it showing things late after they happened like a few minutes ago.


Yeah, that's happening to me too! It's annoying... :confused:


Yeah, and they disappear in the history when you tap your profile and then come back when there's a notification for them. And then they disappear. And then they come back with an annoying notification.


Yea thats whats happening to me.


me too!
ARRRR so annoying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!


Yeah, this is happening to me too.
I'll go look at my notification, and it says
(blank) liked your post
Then, 2 mins later
(Blank) like your post
It's the same notification!


i know! thats happening to me too, its soo annoying


I don't think it's happening to me....... Yeah I just checked and no.


tell me your secret, i must know


No secrets here. But if you tell me how you got that pic I'll give you a trophy.


Ok first tell me are you using an Ipad or computer, cuz I'm using a computer