Problem With Forum Collab Accounts



If you’re making a forum account, be aware of what you’re doing.
Do you know where it shows your email in the account?
Well, if you make a forum collab account, like @MiracleShoutouts or @Guest, you’re sharing your email with other people.
And, of course, whoever is in the account can see it.
So, be aware of what you’re doing before creating a forum collab account.
You should probably use a Hopscotch email or not create an account at all.

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Collab Requests!

This has to be revived; it's important.


Agreed, this is a great message! :D


Yeah, actually, I made this topic.



Great message! I never would've thought of that!


Actually, I logged into MiracleShoutouts last week and thought of that. @a10, be careful!


Yes, careful.


Has to be revived again, it's important.


Anyone? :disappointed:


I made have been attracted to potato that's the best answer


I was going to make a topic like this. I WILL REVIVE YOU


Update: you can make an account without an email now...
Actually, there's always been an "I don't have an email" option, it's been there for years.


There isn't. I just checked.


It's only there when you create an account.


I know. I checked. I hit sign up.


Someone said this had to be revived, so…