Problem of Off Topicness - a Community Announcement

To all those Hopscotchers out there, this might be only for leaders to do but this is an urgent message.

There is a terrible problem of Off topicness and it goes against the community guidelines. Please please please stay on topic of the discussion and remind all those that they should Gbot. It can get really annoying when one person decides to talk about something that is completely different to the topic and a new conversation starts from that. Also, make sure that what you are saying is code related. Members + You know you can make code related topics Of your own so please stay on topic and appreciate other’s topics. All people, spread the message of staying on topic and GBOT!


This is something I and other leaders have been noticing as well. We always try to remind people to stay on topic, and sometimes we have to close topics because of this. Thank you for posting this reminder, I hope it can help some people to remember to stay on topic!

Helping out in a friendly way as a community member with “GBOT-questions” etc. if needed is always highly appreciated if the topic is starting to turn into an off-topic discussion.


I’d like to say one thing-

Oops double tag

I have been noticing this

I also know I have been doing this, and I don’t want anyone to think this is aimed directly at them, neither do I want people to get mad. This is jsut a reminder, and it goes for me too, even though I’m writing it.
We all need a little reminder now and then-but recently it’s been getting worse and worse. If we notice this happening, don’t jsut say “GBOT” “SOT” or “LGBOT” please-it doesn’t motivate. Instead, post a kind subject-changing question like “I’m coding ____, what are you guys coding?” Or “hey, I noticed your recent project _____, are you gonna upgrade it or smth?” These questions tend to get better responses then the abbreviations. Some users have noted that the “words” GBOT, SOT and LGBOT seem a little, well, cold. Personally, I don’t mind them if they have a kind emoji like :wink: or :slight_smile: with them. Sorry if this is long, but I wanted to say my feelings about this subejct