Problem in drawing pad



I was tweaking some things from the drawing pad @minioncandy made for me when an idea struck me. An opacity changer! I fiddled around but nothing worked.
Have you got any way to make it happen?




Opacity? Like the Saturation in HSB?

@MiracleShoutouts? I sensed a like


No the invisibility.


You mean how "invisible" the trail is?


Yes, exactly. I've got no idea how to make it. I tried
Draw a trail (Insert stuff here).
Set invisibility (Insert value here)
Set position Y TLTY X TLTX


Well it could be a combo of the S and B, or just the B… depends what you want it for


I'm using RGB by the way.


Can you changed it to HSB? Might make it easier unless you decrease all the RGB values by the same amount...


Do you mean like watercolor?


Can you make it? I've got no idea what your talking about(Probably because I'm dumb ).Check on my profile.


No you're not. And maybe but I'm on a phone atm


Yes, decreasing the invisibility if the trail.


Atm? What's that? Automatic Teller Machine?


So just a pale version of the colour? That's simple with HSB


At the moment…

Not I'm on a phone


Oh, it didn't cover it up. @liza I found a bug.


Uh wot?

Confused now


No, decreasing the invisibility like a fade loading screen.


Me 2oooo

Hello have been spying on this topic!