Probably will be on less


So this basically describes my situation. Anyways my dad takes my school iPad for the day so that's not an option. Nor is the computer much of an option. Also the iPad Mini at my house has a password so I'd have to ask my brother and there may not be a possibility of getting him to put in the password. So I will still be on at night and really early (if possible), but probs not in the day so you don't have to spam-tag me (not that you would tho).

Good news, yay!

Ok! See you later! I hope the IPod starts working.


Aww, I hope your IPod gets fixed! :0

Here, maybe this could help..

-Have you tried holding down the home button for atleast 10 seconds until the apple logo appears?
-Have you tried charging your iPod for 1 hour?
-Try connecting your device to your laptop, then go to the iTunes Store, and hold down the button again.

Idk thanks Apple Inc. XD


Yes yes and no (I'll ask my bro to log into the computer)