Probably Leaving. -Smartypants!



I might come back but I probably won't.
I have been thinking about quitting Hopscotch for a while now but everytime I try I can't bring myself to quit but now I am sure I should.
1) I am way too addicted, I constantly think about Hopscotch.
When I am swimming I am thinking about what to make on Hopscotch, when I am at a class I am thinking about Hopscotch and school will start soon and I should focus on other stuff then, not Hopscotch.
2) Ran out of ideas. I also am losing my friends and followers on Hopscotch.

I should spend more time outside with my friends and my sister.
I should not be cooped up inside my house all day long staring at my iPad screen 24/7.
I have so many books I want to read, so many new songs I want to play on the piano and Violin, so many summer stuff I pan to do, but none of it is happening.
I just think that I am kind of wasting my summer by staring at my iPad screen always.
Thanks to: @EnchantedAnimallover, @Pink_Roses, @Maltese, @Kawaii_Lover, @KVJ
@SmilingSnowflakes, @BubblegumCupcakeMix, @Bananadog, @Silverdolphin.
Thanks to everone who supported me during my stay at hopscotch!
So bye!


Okay bye bye


I anderstand why you're leaving


Thanks for understanding, @BB-Box and @Sweetlina!


Aw, I'm so sad! But I respect your decision and completely understand! :D

We'll miss you! You've made an impact on Hopscotch, and we'll always remember you. :)



Oh no ;-;-;

I'm so soree you're leaving. ;-;

@Pink_Roses had to leave rn, she says bye and that she's really sad ;-;

Pls come back ASAP! :3

Have a great life outside of HS! :3


No! Plz dont leave! You are an awesome coder and forumer. And there are a bunch of topics with ideas, just search ideas. Or you could only publish about once a month so that you are not addicted. It is your choice, but plz consider staying! :3


Thanks, @Maltese and @Bananadog!
I really am going to miss you guys!
Bye @Pink_Roses, you were a great friend!


Thanks, but it really isn't about the ideas, but don't worry I will come back for hour of code next year!


Yay! Ok... Have fun outside HS!!
By da way the title of this topic has a spelling error :3 dont change it though its funny


You're welcome c:

You're a great contribution to this community, don't forget that. :3

@Pink_Roses says you're a great friend too :3
She's working on math with my parents rn :DD


Thanks again!
BTW I will be on for today and tomorrow.


Aww, I will be so sad to see you leave ;n;

But I respect your desicion :3
You made amazing projects and were a fantastic member of the community :D

Have an awesome life away from hopscotch :D


Thanks for understanding!


Great idea I'm thinking thesame




Bummer I am so close to regular.


Oh no ! Please do not leave ! At least give ,e a few tips before you do ! :frowning:


Me? You want tips from me?
Wow I'm honored!
What kind of tips?


I understand and can actually relate…

Bye! Hope you do come back! :smiley: