Pro Picture Contest


Guys I need a new Pro Pic I haven’t been on since December so I need some Back to School Vibes in my Pic so the rules are the following: Must be appropriate, Has to be Back to School Vibes and you must only enter 1 a day and that’s it.




@RexersHexers So, you need a new profile pic the has a sort of school theme?


Yeah that’s would get people Hyped about school plus would you like to be a Contestant or Judge? @Work_kids_coding


Both! I would love to do both of those! I can make some cool 3D art!


Do people ever get hyped about school? LOL!


Maybe me but, I don’t want to sound like a nerd…


@RexersHexers Cool, I think I could make something awesome for your profile pic


@RexersHexers Oh, no. You do not sound like a nerd! You sound like a really nice friend though…


Sounds awesome but the only thing is you can’t judge your pictures or picture!


@RexersHexers Yep, I know that! I am sorta excited to see what people give you for your profile pic!


I just still feel I need to be better than i am now…


@RexersHexers Why? I think people are cool just the way they are…


@RexersHexers Is this all about trying to be someone who is ‘extra good’?


No I feel like I ma not considered a “Cool Kid” I ma just getting bullied and stuff…


@RexersHexers You have been targeted by bullies?


Oh, actually, you do not need to answer that… Okay, just a minute. I am going to mock up a design of what I am going to make and then show it to you to see what you think. If you like it, I will bring it into production. What do you think?


Sounds fun! Does the profile pic need to be an original drawing, made on Hopscotch, or something else? I will be sure to enter!


Ya I remember doing your pro pic
I’ll enter if I have time