Pro pic topic for artists and people who want one!/how to draw topic!


Cool! Great job! :slight_smile:


More art!!!

I drew them on my IPad ;D


Your in!


Is anyone on?


So I'm going to start a collab account, we could make a drawing pad, or save one as a draft.

  • Make one
  • Save on


Votes are public.

I finally know how to vote for only one poll!


No ones on?


It's so cute! I can't believe it's your first time drawing a goat!


Does anyone have a name for the account?


We need to figure it out soon, I can create it now


Ok guys! I created the account! The username might change.
Username: Jr. Artists
Password: ask me for more details


I'd like the password please.
I will like when done
And I followed.


I gtg I'll tell you later, bye!


Okay bye!


Ok! Are you ready @MudFlowerCat?


A cat like the food? Like, resembling yogurt the food? Sorry, I'm confused. XD




Who needs the password?


Hi! :smiley: I'm happy! How are you?


Can I have it? My accounts DiamondDragon​:smile_cat::sweat:


I'm working on the drawing of me eating popcorn.