Pro pic topic for artists and people who want one!/how to draw topic!


Hi @Dude73!
What are you up to?


Hai! I'm helping figure out a writing collab, and thinking of something to draw! :smile:

What about you? :smile:


I am doing the same thing XD
Is it @Caramel_Puffin's?
I ran out of drawing ideas


Yeah! It's hers. :smile:

Btw, I just got a stylus, anyone want a profile pic? I'd like to get into digital drawing again. :smile:


That's cool!
I got a stylist to.
Are you a artist?
EDIT: ON this topic


Yep! I'm an artist! :smile:


Oh okie.
I'm one too.
I'm working on one for @Nerd4Ever.
That reminds me I have to finish it tommorow


Fun! I haven't gotten a request yet. :P

I'd bet it's going to be awesome! :smile:


Sure you'll get one soon! :DDDD
Besides... your art is AMAZING!


Aww, thank you so much! Yours is awesome as well! :blush:


Your hopscotch name is Dude73, right?
if it is I shall spam like you.
Its a habit.


Yeah, it is!
But I don't deserve spam likes. :P


Everyone deserves them!
Even squids :333 and animals
I gtg.


Could teach someone, I don't care who.


@Explorer_ you invite me to literally all your topics XD
Maybe u can just invite me for the art and help related ones? ;)



I tried.
This is actually my first goat XD


Some of these are reeeeeaaaaaly old


One of my cat ones:


Omg it is amazing


If so, can you please draw a cat like Yogurt? :slight_smile: