Pro pic topic for artists and people who want one!/how to draw topic!



Can you guys do a lesson with

Training Artists


I could create a collab account


Okay but I can't teach Shivelight senpai because she's way better than me xD


What username for the collab account

  • Jr. Masterpieces
  • Arty Artists
  • Other


Choose up to 2 options

Votes are public.

I couldn't come up with anything


blink blink who's Shivelight?





You guys are having an art test!
Draw you eating popcorn at the movies.
(We are going to have very random topics)


Is there a time limit?


Nope! There is no time limit! But you have to get it done before October :grin:


Okay! Of course xD


Hai... you called @Explorer_??


Yep! More like invited lol. I was wondering if you wanted to request something or learn how to draw better, or be an artist


Ummm I guess I can be an artist! I am pretty decent at drawing. I can draw pretty much anything, but animals XD. But again, I would laik to be an artist! :smile:


Ok! I will have to do it tomorrow, I have homework to finish. :smile:


Um... sure, I guess I could be an artist :3


Wow! Your in!


I'm sorta

really good at anime

but sometimes my art is greaaaaaaaaat and then the next drawing looks like..... poopy.

So if it looks like poopy, I'll probably redo the request. And then it would take me longer to post a reply to the request.... And i don't post much art anymore. I have a lot of good anime in my planner for school :P

bep boop beep beep boop


Maybe I can teach @XiaoMiaoMi senpia animals?


Ill try senpia

@XiaoMiaoMi do you know how to draw animals?


@MudFlowerCat I have a vague idea, but I never really studied it further.


Do you wanna learn a animal then?
If yes just pick one.