Pro pic topic for artists and people who want one!/how to draw topic!


Why is there so many pictures of goats XD
I said I wounld do it XD


Bye guys! I'm going to eat dinner!


I can't enter cause I'm bad at art, and also I'm rlly busy, sorry!


Are you good with timing for taking requests: I'm kinda good, but the drawing will be what slows me down. Just bother me about it over and over and I'll get it done X(D
Can I see a schetch of your drawing: ? Do you mean an example? I mean, here's an example:

It's a dancing cheese.

I draw in cartoon but will sometimes do realistic sketches on paper.
You will never see a realistic digital sketch/drawing from me.
I'm best with geometric shapes and cats/dogs.
In time I can make a landscape.
My humans are half decent.


Any requests yet lol :frowning: I'm so bored need requests I'm good at Disney characters


Here's a profile pic I drew if anyone wants it.


This sounds awesome! Can I be an artist?
1. Yes, but school is more important for me

This is my most recent one


Person or landscape: Person
If person discribe him/her: It's a girl, Dirty Blonde/ Brown wavy hair, brown eyes, big smile!
If person do you want a background: Yes
If yes, what color: Purple, yellow, or blue! I don't really care :joy:


I can do it, but I might not make it since i have to go to my sisters early bday party (September 18).


I can't do a full-out drawing due to time constraints, but here's a quick (5-7 minutes, don't worry) lineart someone could use:

(If someone does use it, though, please use it for SA's request and not another work. If you want to use it for a seperate work, credit me)


Oh, right... I need to ask you first, @Explorer_

Since this is a one-time thing, could it slide or no...?
If not, that's alright. I just don't have enough time for a whole new schedule of tasks.


I'm done! hope it's good enough :D I forgot to crop it but oh well :sweat_smile:

I'm bad at big smiles 0-0


Thank you! Thats awesome!

@XiaoMiaoMi thanks too!


Guys I can't take your artist forms now, I'm about to go to school


Anyone art forms please? I'm bored


Umm…I can consider you in for a artist student


Amazing! Your in!


You could be a Training Artist, I'm thinking the Artists could give you guys some lessons


Any pro pics? I want to draw something.


Yay! I posted the 100th post!