Pro pic topic for artists and people who want one!/how to draw topic!



Woah thanks! That's such an honor :0

I'm a really bad artist so I don't know if I could :sweat_smile:


stop being modest plz


Are you good with timing for taking requests: yes
Can I see a schetch of your drawing yep



I saw your drawings, their amazing! If you want to, you can fill in the form


Amazing! Your in!


I wanted to make it look more like a goat! :D


I'll draw it XD


Can I also have a pro pic? :grin:


blonde hair in a ponytail, purple glasses, peach skin, blue shirt that says Explorer in black. (Girl)

Pink backround


I can do it for you!




omg I forgot the background! final remake XD @Nerd4Ever


That's so cute!


But it's true lol


@Explorer_ fine I'll fill out the form ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

you good with timing for taking requests: No XD I procrastinate a looottttt
Can I see a schetch of your drawing: umm I have no 'sketches' but here's a masterpiece of mine


Should I use the OMTL?

  • Yes! We need more people!
  • Sure
  • Ok
  • If you want
  • IDK
  • No
  • We have to much people!


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omg it is amazing best drawing better than the mona lisa tbh the mona lisa isn't that impressive, I mean it's good, but not deserving that much of its popularity.


It's really your choice, do you want to? I'm fine if you say no


You already used the OMTL once in this topic


I would... but I procrastinate too much XD

I usually finish requests in 1-2 months lol


omg tysm it's so special to me


Oh right! I forgot