Pro pic topic for artists and people who want one!/how to draw topic!


I can't find the form


It was right in the middle of your screenshot


lol, like Explorer said, it was right in the middle of ur screen! :joy:



I am kinda good with timing
Here is a sketch

Well actually
turns it to my profile picture
This took about 7 minutes


Your in! I will add you


Anyways, since I am an artist and this topic has been dying...I want someone to draw a version of this 15 minute sketch with a slightly bit of coloring. It's my old oc. Make it somewhat my style (I don't really care if it is or not). I might make one of them my profile pic. EDIT: Have the background pastel aquamarine.

Some artists in this topic I know:


No thanks. Not enough time.



am I in??


Oke, I'll tag another artist. I want to see it in multiple styles..


Also, a note.

I really don't suggest making the background aquamarine.
The character is literally just white with aquamarine streaks. Don't make the background aquamarine.


I guess I should have specified.

Colors like a greenish grey would work much better as backgrounds. They ease the eye into looking at the subject, rather than just paint-bucket-tool-ing neon color all over the screen. It actually is hard to look at when the background's neon.


Oh...That is just a rushed white/colored sketch here is what it really turned out like, I colored it fully when I had time.

EDIT: I said pastel aquamarine...


Last question, are you active?


Yes I'm active accept at night cuz I am busy


Your in @EmojiArts! I'll add you to the list!


@EmojiArts, I can't edit the first post. But you are in


Kk I'll try but I might not be able to because I have to draw a comic for school that is due in a few days but I'll try to draw it on the plane. Same goes for you, @Hero_Dino

Sorry. :grimacing::grin:


It's ok! Just do it when you have time! I know school can be a handful! :smile:


I can try, but it may be done on paper rather than digitally...


It's terrible :(
No need to accept this or compliment this as you never asked for it anyways...