"Private Topics"


Maybe the hopscotch team should add private topics, these are topics that only selected users can reply to and it is hidden from the community except for the selected users


A similar topic has already been discussed

I hope you found your answer


Oh hi Tromaxthedestroyer, I didn't know there was another topic like mine


Or if you mean private topics on the forum, people have discussed that too :blush:


Oh okay, but what if someone had a secret he couldn't show, like the story of a game or movie


Also, we're living on opposite ends of the world


That's why I reply late


Don't worry about late replies @SuperTim25 :smiley: I think for a story of a game or movie, you could add a note like "please note there are spoilers and this is meant to be a surprise" at the top of your post.

But also, it would be nice for other people to find inspiration from what you're making too to code their own projects and ideas :smile:


Oh t1hopscotch I guess the note "this contains spoilers" will not work (no offense) as people can't resist spoilers