Private Projects

That’s a cool idea but I can see how it’d be misused.
It could also be kinda cliquey tho, or make people feel left out.

Like if I shared a project privately with you, and we ended up talking about it on the yctayhch or something, people might feel left out because they don’t know what we’re talking about and we wouldn’t share it since it’s a private project.

They’d also have to be heavily moderated to make sure its all appropriate and they’re not being misused


where would you do that? you’d have to post a link on here

hence why they should go through the filter and probably should be a sub only feature


It’s by url, so you like cannot remix it to start something to talk about

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The filter can only do so much. It can also miss inappropriate projects, among other things


i already feel left out here :broken_heart:

Ahh so relatable

I thought it had to be approved by a real person?

But I’m that case we’d just rely on other people to report the project, which doesn’t always happen anyways right


Possibly yes, but if it’s a bot, then it could miss some stuff

Sooo there wouldn’t be much of a difference as to if a project would get taken down if its private or public

If I follow correctly, yes

Ohhhh ok, I think I misunderstood the first bit (how you’d be sharing these) then. I thought you meant the project would be private to you and whichever Hops you wanted. So you could specify in the project setting or something that it’d be a project only viewable by (and thus shared with) me and gwe (for example), and then we’d be the only ones to see that project. Kinda like PMing but via hs projects or something.

So did you mean it’d be like a published draft or something that was private to your account but could be shared with irl people that didn’t have the app?

Either way, there’s only so much the filter and THT can do. Modding the private projects while also doing everything else, especially for such a small team, would be super hard,


I saw it as something to share like texting irl friends a project that’d you don’t want shown under your profile, not sharing with other in the app.


Nice it’s cool, but a bit dangerous

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this is a cool concept! moderating it could be a lil hard, so maybe instead, a cool feature could be tagging someone on the app when you publish a project, somewhat like how we tag ppl on the forum, so the person that u tag gets notified on hs (and it’d appear in the user’s notifications, but no one else can see who u tag, so no one’s feelings get hurt), but everyone can still see the project? i guess it’s easier to moderate it that way and still share projects with specific users, without ppl feeling left out
idk just a random idea :sweat_smile:
sorry if this makes no sense


Pretty nice idea, but can be misused.


This would make collabs a lot easier!

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It’s a cool idea for collabs and birthday presents. As long as people don’t start cutting down too much on public projects, it would be really cool to have! And of course, moderation also has to be figured out.


Sharing that is like sharing a draft, pretty much. But it also follows the filter, image moderation, etc.

With it potentially being a sub-only feature like other web services, I don’t see that being a problem, especially since they would not receive as many likes/plays/etc. for private projects.