Private- Please Do Not Enter -TitanBoy


@BB-Box this is were we will communicate


@BB-Box make sure you bookmark this chat so it doesnt get lost :wink:


You aren't allowed to make private topics but I shall leave.


Well it doesnt matter i guess any1 can see it its just me and bb-box talking


Do you have google docs? We can talk there!


They are allowed to have a private chat as long as nothing bad is going on, and it's related to HS. :wink:

sorry for commenting. Tell me if you want me to delete this.


Yep but some people do need to watch this!


On it. Practicing for leader.

turns topic on watching

I'm literally watching this.


I shall too.


Are you here @TitanBoy? I am!


Yah im here it might be a bit late, but this is where we will communicate.


Do you have google docs?


Delete it now!


I will invite you now!


Ok i have to go i will go to docs later


Okey! I have invite you now!


Makes me think you shared a Emil they are not allowed even when deleted please don't share them again,I'm practicing for leader.


We know each other, your allowed to do that!!


No you are not sorry!
@PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman

Leaders please watch this topic!

I am putting this on watching my self!


@Sugarisyummy, if you want to practice to become leader consider others feelings, don't just say thats its not allowed and this and that, that hurt my feelings. Its allowed if we know each other.