Private Group Topics



People have recently found a thing called "groups"
It's basically a preset group of people that are added.
Such as @admins @discourse @moderators @everyone and etc

What if we could add people to a specific group, say for a collab?

Maybe you can have restricted topics for a specific group?
Like @SuperRealCollab (made up collab)
would be the only ones accessible to that topic.
Of course, mods like BuildASnowman, t1 and KiwiCute2015, along with the admins can access at any time
and there has to be more than 6 people to be able to, so that it's not for friends to chat

Well, what do you think?

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That would be a GREAT add-on!


I already made a topic for this, but I don't care! It is fine with me! But I like it how you added the private topic for each group, that is an amazing idea!


What Liza said was that the forums were for everyone to see,

So, I don't really know. This is a good idea, but would really limit the people who are here to learn.


Oh, I didn't see that, I'm sorry!
I just wanted to make a topic with my idea :grimacing:


I thought about that;
But only for collabs? Maybe have it authorized?


this is a awesome idea!


I don't think we need to hide collabs. I bet each collab has a special type of coding that everyone wants to learn :wink:. I understand about the password sharing part and how most accounts get hacked, so maybe, @discourse could devise a function were people could send private messages to leaders, mods, and admins so they could pass it on to whomever. I know that admins can create private messages to a group of people.


that's sooooo cool!!!


I agree with the password idea, but sometimes collabs are meant for a surprise.
Maybe there can be a choice to open and close a topic?
(To make it private then not private)


Liza, and the rest of the team made the forums so everyone could see and help (Technically discourse made the forums :wink:). Quote again from her:

People may feel left out if you hide the topic from them, but they know it exists. Think back to the time when you weren't a regular (or aren't a Regular), and someone made a topic in the lounge. Weren't you slightly upset, or even jealous? People might feel the same and we don't want unhappy Hopscotchers! Most people don't even read everything or anything, since most of it is chatting about ideas.

The Hopscotching community is extremely large and the forums users only take up a small percentage of that. It's still basically a surprise! Hiding collabs might not be a good idea. I've seen many people join collabs, who weren't originally invited, because of their great ideas. You wouldn't want to regret keeping a great idea from your projects would you? Also, it's not the best idea to create a surprise for one person, as it is not fair to the rest of the people.

We're not afraid of people being mean to each other on the chat, but for others who feel badly about themselves not making it to the collab. To feel declined is a very unhappy feeling, and people will go to great measures to break it, to be in the collab. You don't want a group of haters chasing you, posting mean comments, everywhere you go just because you rejected them from the collab.

Opening and closing topics might not be good as anyone could close and open any topic any time. Leaders and admins can because they are trusted. Now, there are many good people who know what to open/close, but there are many more who abuse the ability.


That's a great point. And, I know a lot of people (including, but to limited to, Phase_Admin and I) like to browse collab topics just to make sure people are being nice to everyone, which is the best we can do at the moment. Plus, just seeing a big "NO" symbol (or Discourse's access denied screen) when trying to enter a topic probably won't feel good, either


K, so I guess this idea is a bust :stuck_out_tongue:
Fair points though


You should just use google docs/drive tomessage, both of you have it I think?


I can use it, but still, other than for stories it's not really the best for collabs :confused:


I get it, maybe email?


Email would take very very long. I suggest using google hangouts.


I totally understand why you want to have private collabs! The real thing we need to is shared drafts, so that you can send around private drafts in Hopscotch. We're probably not going to be able to do this for awhile, though tbh :frowning:

Allowing private chats on the forum is a safety issue more than anything else. It's not a good idea to create private chats between people on the forum since they will be harder to monitor. I'm sure everyone is here for the right place, but we need to make sure we're building this community in a way that ensure it will continue to be safe as it grows.

Does that make sense? What do you think? Thanks for suggesting this!


I totally get it.
Moderation is hard, and the sending drafts idea sounds good!
I just thought the new group idea could open it up to new suggestions


cant we get another robot?