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Hey, PenguinGaming! So, I have an idea for a challenge for TeamCoders! I'll wait until you respond to tell.


I'm on! What's your idea? I'm all ears!


Okay, my idea is that the challenge would be about: designing a headquarters for TeamCoders using emojis! (We would make it like those emoji designer games, where you have to drag and drop them? I'll try to help you make it.) Who ever makes the coolest headquarters gets promoted to the next level!


Ok! I'm gonna start it now


Also, I think that too many people know the password to TeamCoders. What if someone deletes the important drafts and unpublishes all our projects!?!:fearful:


Oh no! I know what to do! Delete all the projects that has the TeamCoders password on it and slightly change TeamCoders name so that people can't log in. But let all of TeamCoders know before you do a name change.


Like.... Team:zap:️Coders? Heh... Not that good?


@PenguinGaming? Do you read me? I repeat, @PenguinGaming, do you hear me?


Sorry @AwesomeKitty! I haven't been on Team coders or Hopscotch forum until today!


Hey! I didn't notice that you posted anything. Anyway, did you get my message about Phoenix Roleplay starting again?