Private Code Blocks


Maybe The Hopscotch Team should give people publishing a project the abilty to "hide" code blocks, this prevents people but the one who published it from seeing the hidden block and the publisher can freely hide and unhide blocks


No, this wouldn't be a good idea because people get ideas from your code
So if people copy your code, think of it in a good way like that your code is so good they MUST have use it, but not giving credit is wrong


This is a really interesting idea.

I think code of projects should be available for everyone to check out and learn from like @Wow_woman said.

If I wasn't able to see all the code of a project, I wouldn't know how it worked and I wouldn't have been able to learn anything. I've learnt a lot from being able to see "behind the scenes" of projects and seeing how everything works.

It is unfair if someone copies the code of your project without giving credit though, and hiding blocks would stop that but it does mean no one else will be able to learn from each other's projects.


Well, I guess that would be better to be able to learn. P.S I replied late because I'm living on the opposite end of THE WORLD.


You could enable if you wanted to hide your blocks, and, if you couldn't check someone else's blocks, you wouldn't know if the code had bad words in it!


I guess, friendship2468


Is this a good idea?

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