Privacy Choices for your Account


Hey guys!
Today I would like to share with you some tips on you hopscotch account. Many of you want to keep your name and other information private, which is totally okay! Hopscotch isn’t really to socialize, it’s more to code and share your creations with others. I think the forum is more for chatting. Anyway, there are a few choices you have to make in order to do this…

  1. Your name
    Your name is very important, especially if it is not common. I think sharing your full na*me with the world can be a little risky, even under the super safe platform of Hopscotch. I just share my first name and a little bit of my last name.

  2. Your age
    Many do not choose to share their age. I do not, and that is totally okay. Lots of my favorite hopscotchers remain without sharing their ages, and no one really asks for it, so your good with whatever you decide!

  3. Addres*s
    You should not share this, under any circumstances. Not even through the forum if you are trying to collab with a friend. I am pretty sure the Hopscotch Team will also not allow this. I obviously don’t share mine. I don’t think anyone shares theirs either. Country and MAYBE state should be okay though.

  4. Personal information
    If you didn’t know, personal information is the safe kind of information. Your favorites, such as favorite color, band, song, etc. I like to think of it as the “s” in “personal” stands for safe. There is no “s” in “private.” You can surely share this stuff! Come on! It’s great to code things you love, and this information is perfectly safe to share, within the appropriate environment of Hopscotch!

I really hope this helped you guys figure out what you want to share with the world through your account, and even on the forum!

-Swati :smile:

Must Read for New Users!

Nice topic! This has been stated many times, but it’s a great reminder!


instead of using asterisks you can use zero-width spaces


Thank you!
Yes, I know it is a bit tedious for some and very repeated- but I agree it is a good reminder and lots of other forumers should discuss it!


Thank you for the feedback. Using the asterisks is kind of annoying, so thank you again for your suggestion.


instead of addres*s you can do addres​s
you can copy it here


You are pretty new to The Hopscotch Forum, but your topics are really helpful, important and useful. This one is that too. Great job!


A way easier way to just type adress is using an invisible text trick. When you type <blah blah bla> it makes the text invisible. So try putting some invisible text in the middle of your word!
Note: You can’t add a space right after the < or before the >


Or use zero width space


I don’t understand how that works…?


A zero width space is a Unicode character that is basically invisible. It’s used by computers. It works the same as invisible text, it’s just easier.
Step 1. Go here
Step 2. Follow instructions
Step 3. Paste

See, if you quote this post, you can put your typing cursor in the add​ress word and see that if you put it between the d and the r there is actually something there.

Right here: add​ress


Thank you everyone for the help with the ​addres-s thing. I still have to work on it for now.


Thank you! I am not too new, because on my old account I was also a forumer. I have a lot of discontinued accounts on Hopscotch. I really love the forum because it is such a great platform for questions and sharing advice!


Great topic! :+1::slight_smile:


Okay, I did not know that.

I agree with this.