Pretty/TANS/system's General Topic


hi im ur host . ellen

@Maltese @Murphy1 @Anonymous


Ok, so the signup for the next host is up!


Umm...anyone here?


I made another topic for this, but what should I add to my Slippery Sim?
Btw the above list is the list I'll use for this topic


I don't have the new update on my old phone, I can't see it. XD


Maybe a trail that follows Octopus that fades away?
And maybe a feature that stops Octopus from following your finger when changing slipperiness?
btw how'd you get the tag list?


I like your ideas!
I also want to add some oio-styled text!




Do you support Trump?

Why did you join HS?


Hey, what do you think about discs like me?

I don't think anyone will sign up for host. Evening Chill without you is like aliens on Earth without space travel; it just doesn't work. :(


Not especially

I joined because it seemed interesting
And it is interesting


Never met a disc before

I mean I'm not running it anymore


@Snoopy the title lol


watches topic
I'll be stalking here from now on
Hello Winny




It's very hard to climb up this...
(you have to spam jump just to stay on)

Should I make it easier?

  • Yes
  • Nah


Votes are public.


I guess... People might get annoyed because it's so hard. Maybe have a few levels that you could choose? Like have easy, medium, and hard. :smile:


I was thinking of making you move along with the platform


That sounds great! So you would be moving along it, and jumping? Or just moving? :P


Just moving
But you can jump