Preserve trails between project plays

I’d like to have an option to preserve trails i’ve drawn between plays of a project.

I’ve thought of two different approaches to this:

  • a project setting, where any trails drawn will save when exiting the project

    • pros:
    • easy to use, toggle a setting
    • cons:
    • could cause issues if project is left mid trail, desyncing images
  • an block to “bake” the trails, which saves the trails upon activation of the project, and a companion “load baked trail” which loads the saved trail back in on top of anything else drawn.

    • pros:
    • two blocks that don’t require any complex knowledge
    • allows for more complex saving and loading instead of just instantly loading the trails
    • would be a major boon for the art community and could increase the power of art pads without crazy complex saving techniques, which are undoubtedly cool however i feel this feature is far more beneficial.
    • cons:
    • more work on the developers end
    • most likely would be more difficult to implement
Would this feature improve your hopscotch experience?
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  • No
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Cool! Since this seems a little more advanced, here’s another idea: maybe baked trails could be rasterized, so that a proper undo could be possible? :eyes:

Basically, trails could be turned into image-like objects and then layered after they’re drawn (ie. after the Draw a Trail loop is done executed). They could be treated kinda like clones. Then they could be deleted like objects, too.


that would be sick! adding more flexibility in that sense would be amazing.

here’s a question: would you want to rasterize on a trail by trail basis or rasterize every currently drawn trail at once into an image?


There’s more flexibility with what you could do with clone-based rasters, but more lag at the same time. I still think the flexibility is worth it in the end!

However, it’s different when you make 500+ brush strokes for an art piece, though. (Optimizations to the clone engine would have to be made to reduce lag, on a clone-by-clone basis.) For that, a flat raster would be faster, so better in many situations. So it’s a little hard to tell.

It depends what you’re doing with trails, I guess. And since they can’t even be layered right now (ie. the last drawn trail is always on top), maybe it’s not worth thinking about making trails individual clones… but it would be cool! Imagine coding trail art, and then making it spin and twist with code.


whats bsked?
ive heard of baked lighting, but I’ve never knew what was the meaning of it


Oh yes! This would be very useful!

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